Animal Nutrition & Health
From small-scale producers to the largest integrators, JBS United assesses and improves nutrional formulations for multiple species. Based on research and focused on results, our nutrition programs are built to improve efficiency and quality. [more]
Grain Division
The JBS United Grain Division has two regional operating profit centers in Illinois which include seven grain elevators with a combined storage capacity of over 23,000,000 bushels. Our elevators are strategically located on three different railroads which give us multiple marketing opportunities. [more]
Corporate Offices
JBS United is an international company with over 325 employees throughout the United States and worldwide. The JBS United operation extends to 22 countries, including South Korea, the Philippines and several locations in South America and Europe. [more]

Flex Start Products

Flex Start
Flex Start is a flexible nursery crumble base mix. The inclusion of the Flex Start product can be adjusted to meet the nutritional needs of a pig based on pig health, age, and barn logistics.

12-26 lbs. body weight
18-38 days old

To optimize starter pig performance, the Flex Start Add Pak can be fed along with the Flex Start Crumble. The Flex Start Add Pak contains ingredients to specifically improve newly-weaned pig performance and drive intake. Feeding the Flex Start product line allows for inclusion of minimal nursery products in the barn. Also, the crumble product adds flexibility into milling operations and optimizes mill efficiencies. A phase 1, 2 or 3 diet can be made with these products. This Flex Start program has been shown to improve weight gain, reduce scours and improve pig transition.

12-23 lbs. body weight
18-28 days old

On Research.
“ We have effective research that improves the profitability of our customers. ”
Ronny Moser
JBS United
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On Relationships.
“ I’ll talk to my customer two to three times a week. It could be about financial, nutritional or personal things. Relationships are extremely important. ”
Steve Ringger
JBS United
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On Results.
“ It is very important for us to be connected to our customers through solid information that is objective and reliable. We continue to develop and share it with our customers. ”
Ellen Crabb
JBS United
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