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From small-scale producers to the largest integrators, JBS United assesses and improves nutrional formulations for multiple species. Based on research and focused on results, our nutrition programs are built to improve efficiency and quality. [more]
Grain Division
The JBS United Grain Division has two regional operating profit centers in Illinois which include seven grain elevators with a combined storage capacity of over 23,000,000 bushels. Our elevators are strategically located on three different railroads which give us multiple marketing opportunities. [more]
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JBS United is an international company with over 325 employees throughout the United States and worldwide. The JBS United operation extends to 22 countries, including South Korea, the Philippines and several locations in South America and Europe. [more]
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Swine Production Management

JBS United is steadfastly committed to the development of animal nutrition and production technologies designed to bring value to our swine production management customers.

Industry Overview

Technological advances have been responsible for dramatic changes in the swine industry. Consumer demand has also influenced the swine industry. Swine producers must produce a pork product to satisfy the pork packer/processor who in turn must satisfy the consumer. Consumers will purchase pork products that taste good, are convenient to use, inexpensive, nutritious, healthy, and safe.

Public concern also influences the way pigs are produced today. Swine producers must produce pork in a manner to satisfy public concerns about the environment, control of odor, animal rights, and food safety. Although these demands increase the cost of pork production, the burden of this cost often remains with the producers. Public concerns of environmental issues have halted growth of the swine industry. Until these issues are satisfied, industry growth will not take place regardless of the size of operation.

The swine industry needs support from a team of experts to address:

  • Production Management
  • Production Facility Management
  • Waste Utilization/Management
  • Waste Application
  • Odor Prevention
  • Swine Herd Health
  • Financial Business Management
  • Reproductive Physiology
  • Nutrition and Feedstuffs Utilization
  • Breeding and Genetics
  • Marketing
  • Food Processing/Food Safety

In order for Swine Producers to survive in the future, they must be efficient businesspeople, producing quality pork products that are accepted by the consumers and produced in an environmentally acceptable manner. JBS United, Inc. is here to help.

Our research team of scientists and technical support staff focuses on several areas including maximizing production systems efficiencies to improve customer profitability. This includes nutrition requirements for specific genotypes, nutrient management, biological modeling, animal well-being, space allowance, gilt development, and ingredient valuation. We study nutrition optimization involving nursery feeds, pre-mixes and base-mixes, and sow and boar products. Finally, we focus on emerging technologies, such as enzymes, microbials, functional fatty acids and reproductive management.

JBS United collaborates with leading agricultural universities and pig production companies to conduct numerous research trials every year. Research makes it possible to deliver continuous product improvements that bring the highest value to our customers.

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